Passion Manila 2014: A Party Thrown by God

What you are about to read is what I’ve written the morning after the event itself. I didn’t finish scribbling everything so here. Just now. Join me in reliving the party thrown by God.


If you were in Manila, exactly in Smart Araneta Coliseum the past two nights, you probably know how I am feeling right now. Yes, I’m talking about the awesomeness overload during Passion Manila 2014!

Passion MNL 2014_Crowd2

If you know what I am feeling, this post will revive the party memories last night. If you weren’t, I know you’ll be curious enough to know what took place.

Elated. Hyped. Encouraged. Blessed. Energized. Fired up. No matter how you may describe the way you felt because of the last two nights of Passion Manila 2014, well, I’m pretty sure of one thing: you still have the hang over, you cannot contain the overwhelming feeling and you can’t help but to share and talk about how amazing God revealed Himself last night.

Well, that is what I am about to do just now in… three, two, one!

(Disclaimer: I will talk on a regular attendee’s point of view so don’t expect back door photos, info and all that. So, please bear with how I saw things from my view).

Let me begin by giving a few background stories I had with Passion Manila. Yep! I’m one of the probably few who never missed any of their visits. That time when we had wrist bands with a prayer covenant for the next Passion stop. I sorta missed that! The first visit was back in 2008. The second was in 2010. So I was kinda expecting a 2012 visit because I thought it was a once-in-two-years visit. I’ll admit that I was quite sad that they didn’t.



BUT when I first heard that Passion Manila 2014 was set on March 28 (supposedly the first night) plus March 27 (an overflow because March 28 was sold out), I felt the excitement to join the crowd of worshippers.

Then the wait for the day passed. It was March 28!

Cool thing that school’s already off. I had the chance to be one of the early birds lining up for the 5PM gate opening. Along with me are students who endured the two-hour wait just to secure the best seats in the respective sections.

Fellow early birds waiting for the gates to open. *ipad shot

Fellow early birds waiting for the gates to open. *ipad shot

Joyfully waiting. Thanks to my beloved for the shot. :)  *taken with an ipad

Joyfully waiting. Thanks to my beloved for the shot. 🙂 *taken with an ipad

While waiting outside, there were folks who collected clean towels. Operation Blessing encouraged people attending Passion Manila 2014 to bring towels for 28,000 high school students who survived Typhoon Yolanda. Of course, I had my share.

iPad shot of an Operation Blessing volunteer collecting towels

iPad shot of an Operation Blessing volunteer collecting towels

Now, on to the conference itself. Excitement filled the dome while waiting for the start of the program. People were shouting, chanting, clapping and, oh, I loved the firefly-like twinkles the crowd created minutes before the program opened.


Finally, the conference started. “We say yes to everything You (God) wanna do here. So come, we are here. We are ready,” Kristian Stanfill said as the opened the event with a prayer.

So there came songs and praising and dancing and shouting. The band who led the crowd included THE David Crowder who visited the Philippines for the first time, Kristian Stanfill and everybody else (Forgive me for not jotting down their names).



David Crowder's first visit in the Philippines. First time to hear him sing live.

David Crowder’s first visit in the Philippines. First time to hear him sing live.



Passion MNL 2014_Crowder Stanfill


While the music was awesome, I have to admit that the message delivered by Louie Giglio left personal revelations and tears to eyes.

Louie Giglio_Passion MNL 2014

A friend asked me what my takeaways from Passion Manila 2014 are. I had a hard time picking just one. So I said I’ll put everything in one post. In a nutshell, here are my takeaways, all from Louie Giglio himself (direct quotes coz, yea, I recorded it):

  • Every single person matters to God. God never sees crowds. He always sees people. He is not too big to know you.
  • The song is I feel alive, I come alive in God’s great dance floor. It doesn’t have anything to do with whether you are a dancer or not a dancer. It’s all about if your heart has been moved by the mercy and the grace of God.
  • Freedom fail is an idea that if we can just do it our way, give life on our turns, do what we want, then that’s where the party is gonna be. That is what the enemy did because he cropped the disaster out of his freedom plan.
  • Did you know that our God is a party-throwing God? … Rejoice with me. I have found my lost sheep. I tell you that there will be more REJOICING in heaven over one sinner who repents than 99 righteous people who don’t need to repent.
  • They had a party because God is an extravagant Father, a prodigal Father. And even though the relationship had been cut off, the Father had the power to restore it again.
  • The Gospel is not that sin makes us bad. That’s not the Gospel. It’s worse than that. The Scripture says the sin makes us dead. … The result of sin is death. … Dead people cannot do a thing to help themselves. That’s why religion doesn’t work.
  • Jesus did not come from heaven to Earth to make bad people good people. Jesus came from heaven to Earth to bring dead people back to life.
  • (Father to the prodigal son’s brother) We are the same family. You could have had it anytime but the problem is, you didn’t know it. You’ve been busy trying to earn it and you didn’t know you already have it. You’ve been very busy trying to earn my love, to earn my acceptance, to earn my approval. Son, you already have it.
  • It cost Him everything for you to come to the dance floor of the goodness and the grace of God.


End of the line. That’s how I left the day-after-event scribble. Maybe I just had the difficulty to find something to leave you with a bang.

Before ending this, let me add one more thing before ending this: Louie Giglio had a crazy mash up of singing stars and whales. And we all said WOW. You should probably hear it yourself HERE. (It costs around 14 minutes of your time).Passion MNL 2014 Stars1

Passion MNL 2014_Whales

In the end, I’m utterly grateful to be part of this year’s Passion Manila. Looking forward to more God-thrown parties!

  Passion MNL 2014_Crowd

Yes LORD! Walking in the way of Your truth, we wait eagerly for You, for Your name and Your renown are the desire of our souls. Isaiah 26:8


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  1. I was there!!! Hahaha, I didn’t even know they are already here and that March 28 was the last day, good thing a friend asked me if I was free that night because she has a spare ticket so I joined (and it was for free, hahaha!). I also blogged about this and yes, it was AWESOME!!!

    Nice shots Ayi! Congratulations! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks, Tina. 🙂

    I was also surprised to see you in the photos with people from the event. Never thought you were coming. Good thing you were there though we didn’t meet. Haha!

    Liked by 1 person

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